Wednesday, June 3, 2009

so much 4 my happy ending

i'm tired..
of dis war..

of dis heart..
of dis mind..
of da blocked blog..

i'm tired..
i'm tired..
i'm tired..

da war is ova..
u may kol wateva u wana kol me..
perasan?o watsoeva..
i dun mind..
cos da history is da fact..

only we both know wat was happen actually ..
n wat was exactly..

i am not mad anymore.. im jus chillin.. though u break it..

i ain't flirt wit anybody wen im wit u..
im so sincere to u..
n i gv it ol out..

it's fate..
i've to face it..


happily eva afta~


  1. chill baby.
    he's not the only one.
    yang baik sll mendahului yang terbaik kan.

  2. i cant advise u cos am too young to talk about this mess.
    but, u hv to redha.
    tis is ur fate.
    maybe ull happy wit sumone new.
    chill bebeh :)

  3. be hepi my dear...
    enjoy ur life...
    nnti mesti u jumpe gak ur truly sumone 2..
    cheer up..=)

  4. wow!!
    syg u guys~
    a lot!!!
    thx 4 supportin me guys..
    i dlm monsoon peralihan ney..
    nt2 ok lahh..
    im tired of war..

  5. sabar la..nk cr yg terbaik utk kite bkn sng.. tp ble skali dh jmpe mmg xkn cr lain dh.. :)

  6. chill out eny..
    juz be urself..
    kumbang bkn sekor kn??
    t myb u akan jmpa owg yg lebey baek ag kn??


  7. just do the blogwalking..nice blog u have...
    love to read it.i follow u...
    follow me back ya..:-)